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How many people reading this are turning a profit with their betting, I wonder?

Quite a few I’m sure but they will be in the minority. The figure often quoted is about 5% of punters make money on their betting – and far fewer than that make a living from it.

I’m hoping Make Your Betting Pay can improve that percentage. Sounds like a tall order I know but profitable betting is considerably easier than most would have you believe. I’ve been doing it for many years now and I know lots of others who do.

My name is Kieran Ward and I am a 51 year old horse racing and betting fanatic ( as of 2021!). I have been betting for close to 40 years ever since my Uncle took me to the bookies  when I was about 11 years old.

What an exciting place that felt to a small boy!

The smoky atmosphere, shouts of triumph and despair, newspapers written in an indecipherable code. I still feel the thrill of the forbidden now. I wasn’t supposed to be there. But there I was watching men win and lose colossal sums of money (or so it seemed to me!)

My first real winner was Aldiniti in the 1981 National and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the first for quite a lot of punters my age. I got about 9/1  ( well, my uncle did for me) and my excitement knew no bounds as Bob Champion rode him to victory.

My love of the game was cemented when I started going to a local pub that had a racing mad landlord, when I was about 14. This was when I started getting my first inklings that betting could really be made to pay.

The landlord was a heavy gambler and, to my surprise, he did very well out of it. He was banned from all the local offices and over the next couple of years he used me regularly to place his bets (in exchange for a few free pints and the odd bar snack!).

It was clear that I was collecting quite a bit more for him than I was putting down and he was living rather better than he had any right to as the landlord of a pub in a small, rural town in Oxfordshire.

All of this really piqued my interest and I managed to have some reasonable touches by backing his selections myself.

However, by the time I was 18 or 19 life had taken over and I drifted away from serious betting until my early 30’s when I returned with a vengeance. I was excited by the opportunites offered by tax-free offshore betting followed by the removal of betting tax altogether. Real profitability seemed an awful lot more feasible with the arrival of online betting and exchanges and I really began to take it seriously again.

To cut a long story short, I have managed to turn a profit in each of the last 16 years and went full time at the game about in 2008. It’s been a hard road but I really can make my betting pay now – much to the amazement of my super-sceptical friends and family.

In addition to betting for a living and writing this blog, for the last 10 years I’ve been running  tipping advisory services which (and I’m going to be a big head here!) are among the very best tipster services available.

Those services are The Morning Value Service and Precision Value (a ‘lite version of The Morning Value Service designed for people who don’t like too many bets.)

In 2016 I made a big push to automate my selection processes which resulted in the premium software I sell – The Value Machine. That’s been a massive success since it launched in late 2016 – so much so in fact that access to it it has been, to all intents and purposes, closed to new members for the last 2 and a half years.

You can learn a bit more about my services by following the links but let me just say that The Morning Value Service (my premium service which includes all the others) is one of only a handful of services ever to receive the Hall of Fame accolade from respected betting monitor The Smart Betting Club.

So what is the purpose of this blog, you may ask?

Well. I quite enjoy writing about betting – it helps give me some clarity of thinking around betting. it’s also a big help in maintaining discipline when you have to write about discipline, money management and betting psychology on a regular basis.

There are three main ways of making your betting pay and I have written an in depth article identifying and explaining them here.

Take the time to read that and you’ll be ahead of 90 % of people in understanding the ways in which it is possible to make your betting apy – and yes, even make a living from it.

There are a number of free resources available on  the site which I hope you will enjoy. There is my ‘Professional Betting Guide’ which lays out everything you need to put your betting on a professional footing. You can your hands on that for free simply  by signing up for my newsletter somewhere over to the right hand side of the page there.

I post a daily free horse racing tip  on the site each day (I’ll tell you where I post them on the site  if you sign up for the newsletter!). The selections are taken from one of my premium services and have performed exceptionally well since I introduced them in late 2018. Those bets are currently trackign at in excess of 100 points profit a year – from just one bet a day on selections that are easy to back to decent stakes and at readily available prices.

I’m also a bit of an MMA fanatic and have managed to make my betting pay quite handsomely on it over the last few years. I post my selections on the site anytime I have a bet myself and those bets have also done fantastically well.  When you consider that the risk level with those bets is low, bank requirement is also low and you can get on to very decent stakes with out a problem, MMA bets can add a very decent level of profit to any portfolio.  At current rate, we will  likely double our betting bank on those year on year. I will be developing this element of the site further in the coming months – possibly with some live in play betting which can be very lucrative on MMA.

I also occasionally give my thoughts on the good, the bad and the ugly of the systems, tipsters and services out there in the betting jungle. You’ll find my thoughts on the good ones on the reviews page.

I sometimes use the site  to give my thoughts about the game and have an occasional rant about the things that annoy me! I hope it will be funny and informative because if it is, more of you will read it. I will try and throw in some hints, tricks and systems that might help you in your own battle with the old enemy.

I love the game and I love the fact I can make a living from something I would do for nothing anyway. Don’t get me wrong – it is not easy and there are lots of lows that go along with the highs but nothing beats the thrill of pitting your wits and knowledge against the bookies and coming out on top!

I try to post regularly and I hope you will come along for the ride.

Be lucky



  1. Hi Keiran
    I have recently retired and am looking for a ‘dayjob’ type past-time that will keep me getting up for something. I have some daytime hours to put to good use, and maybe turn a profit and do like to dabble with the gee gees. I have settled with betfair as as means for getting some investments on, and seem to break even with small amounts at the moment. Will follow your blog and site with interest,
    regards, Neil Waterton

    1. Hi Neil

      Thanks for your comment.

      There are certainly many ways to make your betting pay and I wish you the very best of luck with it.



  2. Hi
    I have just downloded your favs system and it looks very promising
    the problem I have is with your staking system, when you mention 5% is this amount added to your level stakes every bet ?
    ie £100 wins @ 2/1= 200. next bet 200 +5%= 210 next bet ?

    1. Hi Martin

      Thanks for your question, it’s a good one.

      When I mention 5%, I am talking about 5% of total bank. For example:

      £1000 starting bank would mean first bet was £50. Say this was a winner at evens. Your bank after bet 1 would have grown to £1050. So bet 2 would be 5% of £1050 = £52.50.

      So after each bet, recalculate 5% of your new bank size to get the stake for the next bet.

      I hope that makes sense!

      All the best



  3. Hi There
    I’ve just noticed the comment above from Martin:-

    “I have just downloded your favs system and it looks very promising”

    Is it ok to ask “What favs system”.
    Is this a freebie that I have missed or a recommended commercial system?
    Is it your own or a third party’s.
    Is it still available.

    And a question for Martin if I may, has it lived up to your expectations over the past couple of months?


  4. I was reading your site and happened to see you had a percentage in Douglas Pasha. Have you been in a syndicate for long? This is my first year and to tell you the truth. I can’t wait for the season to start and get a chance to see him. Is there anything to look out for? For instance does it matter to much if at this point his share percentage isn’t dropping? Do you think that the yard may not think to much of him or it doesn’t matter? Like I say I ask these questions because I’m new to the ownership side of it. Thanks

  5. Hi Kieran stumbled across your website/blog page totally by accident.
    You now have one more Scribe as I found your “All About Me” captivating.
    Is there a link to download your “favs system”? Or indeed are there anymore downloads you’ve made available.
    I will follow your blog with great interest,

    All The Best Mate

  6. Hey,

    I stumbled across your site after you commented a post I made regarding Carlos Condit and the UFC and I am glad I did. I am a regular punter and a big betting enthusiast. Will be checking this site out on the regular now.

  7. Thanks for the free All Weather 1st favorites system.
    I have been running it since 23rd of September 2016 and it is indeed making a flat stake
    profit. And the strike rate is around 46% just like you said.
    One of the 10 trainers on the list has (Jnr) beside his name which I assume is short for
    junior. Richard Hannon is always listed as at left with no junior part added.
    So do I ignore the junior part and include him in my selections for the system?.
    My statistics so far are
    9/20 winners or 45% win strike rate.
    Average win dividend 2.70
    21.4% edge
    Longest lose sequence 4
    Longest win sequence 3
    Cheers and thanks,

    1. Hi Mark

      Sincere apologies – I have only just seen your question almost a month after you asked it.

      Yes prices are easily obtained for MVS as long as you have a few bookmaker accounts available. Prices are only quoted that are available with at least 2 major bookmakers and 75% of the selections are available with at least 5 bookmakers. In fact, it is quite possible to beat the official results as I will always point out where a single bookmaker is a standout price but only record at the price below that which is available with at least two bookmakers.

      Hope that makes a bit of sense and sincere apologies for my very slow response.



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