My Premium Services


The Festival Value Service 

Long term highly profitable service focusing on identifying value selections at the biggest festivals and meetings each year. Ideal for the the punter who likes top class racing. Very easy to get on as the bookmakers are happy to stand a decent bet at the big meetings with lots of liquidity.


The Value Machine

Web based software designed to quickly identify when a horse is too high a price.  Perfect for all punters as it is fully customisable to reflect the bookmakers you have available and the price ranges you like to bet in. Can be run from your pc, tablet or smart phone and can be run multiple times daily finding value bets all day long as the markets evolve through the day


The Evening Value Service

As the name suggests, this service focuses on identifying value bets on UK evening racing. Running since 2011 and profitable every single year. ideal for the punter who is at work during the day so can’t get on for daytime racing.


The Morning Value Service

The daddy of them all. This one includes all the bets from my other services in addition to value selections for all UK afternoon racing. If you have bookmakers accounts and are available around 10.30am each morning, this is the service for you. Averages 600-700 points profit annually to level stakes. Continuously proofed to Secret Betting Club and Geegeez since 2011. Member numbers severely restricted – please contact me directly on to see if there are currently any spaces available.