The Russell Gibbs Backing and Laying Information Service

 How It Works




The Russell Gibbs Advisory Service is a tipping service that has been running for the last 18 months or so with no small measure of success. The service advises both win and lay bets on a daily basis and is highly selective – rarely averaging more than a couple of bets a day.

Members receive a text mid-morning if there is a bet and they then ring Russell’s Racing Line (a non-premium rate number) and access the selections with their personal pin. Occasionally Russell receives late information which is given out on his update line. Again, members receive a text advising them to call if there is an update.


Who is Russell Gibbs?

Russell Gibbs is an old school tipster and what I would term a “diamond in the rough” – he comes over as a bit of a ‘ geezer’ but believe me this man knows his stuff and has a contacts book to die for!

I met Russell earlier this year at a racing get together and he immediately struck me as a man who lives and breathes horse racing and betting. He has operated as a commission agent for many years and counts some of the biggest hitters in the country among his client list.

Russell uses a combination of his own handicapping skills and the information he is privy to as a commission agent to identify profitable betting opportunities.


Have a look at Russell’s website here..


I’ve been following his selections myself for the last few months and have to say I’ve been very impressed. For example, Russell advised only 3 bets for the Cheltenham Open meeting over the weekend and they were as follows:

Friday – Steps to Freedom Advised at 5/4 – Won at 11/8

Saturday – Dorset Square Advised at 10/1 – Won at 15/2

Sunday – Rangitoto Advised at 11/2  -Won at 9/4

Now that was an exceptional performance and, like every tipping service out there Russell has his ups and downs, but what I have found really impressive is the serious money that is bet on his  selections. A high percentage of the win bets he puts out are the subject of major gambles and go off far shorter than the price he advises.  It appears to me that he is piggybacking the selections of some very shrewd, in the know gamblers. I’ve been using the tendency for his selections to shorten as a fail-safe and trading them for a free bet. The same is true of his lay selections.

I can confirm that the results shown on Russell’s site are accurate. Both his win and lay selections are massively in profit since the launch of the service in mid-2010.

I’m a big, big fan of this service and give it my wholehearted recommendation. Russell is currently offering the first months membership at half price which makes it even more attractive!


The Russell Gibbs Backing and Laying Information Service – Highly Recommended

 December 2011 Update

Another really good month for Russell including a winning trixie that he advised on the 14th. Overall profits for backing was just over 64 points. I don’t think there are many services doing that well! The lays were equally as good returning a profit of £835  to £100 liability lays at a strike rate of 94.4%. I love this service!



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