Bonus Bagging

Bonus Bagging

I first heard of Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging Service a few months ago and having heard nothing but positive things about it, I thought it was high time I checked it out for myself. So I secured the services of Mrs MYBP to give it a whirl. So without further a-do, let me handover to the lady herself to tell you what she found:

Being a 9 to 5-er, my first question when contemplating any money-making opportunity is its ability to fit around my day job. So on that first score Bonus Bagging gets a big tick. Better than most in fact, where you might have to keep your phone next to you in case an alert comes through (not convenient if you’ve got to rush into a meeting for example), Bonus Bagging can be run at a time to suit you – anytime between 7am and 10pm each day.

So what exactly is it? Bonus Bagging takes advantage of the new customer bonuses the bookies offer. By knowing your way around the terms & conditions and following the rules to the letter, these bonuses can essentially equate to free money in your pocket with little to no risk. Finding these offers yourself and jumping through the relevant hoops to secure the bonuses can be a bit of a minefield at best, and at worse, if not done correctly could actually result in a loss (the exact opposite of what you’re after). The good news is that Mike guides you through step-by-step and spoonfeeds you safely to profitability.

Mike tells you more here

So how exactly does it work? Mike gives you access to his members’ only website where you can request a bonus bagging bet whenever you fancy between 7am and 10pm each day. Mike prides himself on getting back to you (by email) within 5 minutes and is often much quicker than this. Only twice during the month I used the system did I wait any longer. Each email you get gives clear instructions for registering with a bookie and placing your bets. He also gives you a clear explanation of what you need to do next to ensure you secure your bonus funds. Don’t worry if you already have accounts with lots of the major bookies, Mike has a list of bookies as long as your arm and directed me to bookies I’d never even heard of before!

You can get started with just £100 spare cash, though if you want to grow your bank more quickly, I’d suggest £200-£300 – this will mean you can continue bagging while you’re waiting for your money to be credited back to your bank account from the bookies.

Ignoring the break for our Californian honeymoon, I’ve been bonus bagging for about 3 weeks now and am up around £300. Very nice for about 30 minutes a day tapping away on my laptop. With some bookies offering bonuses of up to £200 and the chance to request up to 3 bets a day from Mike, you can see how lucrative this could be.

Mike is a really genuine guy and offers a 60 day money back guarantee. So at just £27, if you’ve been wondering whether or not to give this a try, go for it.

Bonus Bagging – Recommended

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