Need To Get Serious Now

Another week and a half has now passed from my last post and I am becoming increasingly irritated with my inability to post more regularly. I have plenty of time to do it but currently seem to be lacking the essebtial motivation.

Lazy and stupid of me because I realise the invaluable benefits this could bring to my betting activities by holding me to a more careful and rigoroyus schedule.

I will make a commitment to it now. I intend to post at least one item every single day. It could be selections, it could be comment – it could be anything but I promise myself – and promise you, dear reader- that there will be something of interest every single day.

Starting as I mean to go on, I have spotted an interesting runner in the maiden at Newbury at 2.45pm. The horses name is Primary Colours the stable clearly like it on the eveidence of the market this morning.

I think this one could go very well and is worth an each way interest at the 14/1 currently widely available.

There will be more posts to follow today as I have only just started to look at the cards.


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