Any writers out there?

I’m aghast to see that the last time I posted anything on the site was just prior to the Grand National! (and on that subject, I’m still smarting over putting Auroras Encore in my final shortlist of 5 and then not backing him!)

5 weeks have passed in an instant.

Finding time for writing has been difficult because I’ve been chasing my tail running my services, finding value opportunities for myself and trying to have some kind of a personal life!

Nevertheless, I would not have believed that so long had passed and you have my apologies. It’s particularly frustrating as because there are very few things that give me more satisfaction than crafting something of value for the site.

Hopefully things are getting back on to a slightly more even keel now and I will have more time to devote to this.

However, I need to learn a lesson from what’s happened and face the fact that I (regularly) need help with keeping the site fresh and relevant. With that in mind, who better to ask for that help than the lovely readers of this blog who have stuck with me through thick and thin over the last few years

I’m looking for regular writing contributors to the site

Down the line, I will be looking for a number of writers/experts in a variety of gambling related areas  but for now I’m  desperately seeking  somebody who can produce a weekly or fortnightly piece on a horse racing/gambling theme. I’m open to the format this can take – possibly an opinion piece or a diary style feature – we can work out the exact format between us.

While previous experience isn’t particularly important, an ability to write entertainingly and demonstrate a real passion for horse racing/punting is absolutely essential!

If you  think you could be that special someone, please contact me asap on with an example of your writing, details of any previous experience you have  and your thoughts on what could make an interesting, recurring feature on the site.

I look forward to hearing from you!


I don’t know how many of you have been visiting the site during regularly during my recent radio silence but the Daily Pro bets have been flying during the period. I started posting them up since the 26th of March and the figures are currently:

Bets: 21

Wins: 9

Win Strike Rate: 42.85%

P/L: + 7.15 points

ROI: 34.04%

Not bad at all when you consider these are short priced selections and are very easy to get a chunky bet on. You also  don’t need a massive bank to follow them with a strike rate of 42.85%!

I post them in the Daily Pro bets section of the site between 11 am and noon each day – seriously, don’t miss them. For the first time ever today,  we have more than 1 selection  –  – check them out here



Finally today, I’ve found a cracking little trainer angle for us to exploit during the rest of May.

Summer jumps can be a funny old game but one trainer who seems to excel at it during May is Tim Vaughn

Since 2010, Tim has posted the following figures during May:



Win Strike %

P/L at ISP


Place Strike %




69.63 pts





I like the look of those numbers (they include 7 points racked up so far this year) particularly as the profits have come in a consistent fashion with roughly 20 points profit a year, every year. It’s interesting to note that if you were to back all selections to 1 point each way, you’d have returned 86.32 points profit at SP and been paid out on more than half your bets.

Cracking stuff, Tim – please continue!

Have a great weekend,











  1. Lets face it trends from trainers go up and down from month to month let alone from year to year. And whjen a trainer is doing rather well for a time, is this the time for a punter to jump on the bandwagon OR is it time to avoid it like the plague because , is the upturn due for a downturn. As with all racing nowone knows what the future may bring. I believe in statistics that have stood the test of time. I E favs, 2nd favs, 3rd favs etc. all have their own stats that are consistent. And you can improve on their strike rate with research into certain conditions and number crunching. But also there is a point when you operate any stringent rules to the system you are following and when it breaks down with the dreaded bug bear of a long losing run. So how do you cope with this? A WRITE OFF of loses could be the answer. On my site you will find an article, ” if your worried and you can’t sleep ” that explains this further. thanks for this oportunity for me to express my opinion. Fred Ives.

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