A Warm Welcome to All the New Readers

Hi all

This is the first proper post in a while and I’d like to wish a warm welcome  and give a big thank you to all the new readers who have come on board in the last couple of weeks.

It’s probably a good time to restate what this blog is all about and give new readers an idea of what to expect from it.

I will be posting up here at least twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays are good days for me – so long as I can keep ‘on task’) giving my thoughts on everything betting and sports related. Sometimes I will have a bit of a rant if something has upset me. Sometimes I will be looking at big races and looking for the value. Sometimes I will be posting the odd tip. Sometimes I pick up bits of information from having my ear to the ground and sometimes I will give out a pick because I think the price is way out of line.

I will occasionally be doing reviews/giving my opinion on any betting products out there and with luck I will be able to give you a steer as to what’s worthwhile and what’s not.

Although this blog is predominantly about horse racing I do occasionally venture into other sports when I feel I have spotted a bit of value and I will be passing those kind of things along here. Have a look at my review posts for the World Snooker Championships back in April to get a flavour of what I will be doing on the ‘other betting opportunity’ front.

I hope you all enjoy what I am trying to do and I welcome any comments, good or bad, that anybody might have. It’s only by reflecting on our betting (and I guess on everything in life) that we can move forward and improve. Any help that people can give me to do that is much appreciated.

So, welcome one and all, and here’s to greater success in our betting and to the continued enjoyment to be gained from racing!

Racing in general is a bit thin on the ground at the moment with even some of the All weather meetings being frozen off. Clearly not living up to their name! Definitely a weekend to spend cosy by the fire and avoiding venturing out at all.

On that note, I think I will return to the fireside and resume my prayers for a few jump meetings to survive this horrible weather.

Have a great weekend and keep your fingers crossed for some racing!



  1. Nice looking blog Kieran. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to say; especially about my forté; All Weather.

    I for one learned pretty much everything I know (longest losing runs, value, margin of error, ROI etc) from an eBook (scienceofgambling.info) so I’d be interested to get your expert opinion on it when time allows. Who knows, maybe other readers can benefit as I did. 🙂

  2. Kieran,

    Pl do something about the design of your website. It’s not easy to read & will deter people from visiting

  3. Hi Kieran

    I have been betting on horses and occasionally on football and tennis for three years or so and have just signed up for Jump Jockey Profits which seems to me could work very effectively in tandem with Matt Bisogno’s Trainer Track Stats. Let’s hope the snow melts and we can get some jump racing back on the card.

    Good luck with your blog!

  4. Hi Kieran, yes it is definitely a very smart site. I have just started with your AW Favourites and was impressed so when the jump jockey profits came up I thought, yes I like the look of this. But I do have a question on when to take the bet. My first bet was Mezarat 12.50 Lingfield 26 Nov. It lost but it was no longer favourite at SP, so I’m wondering about taking the early morning prices as you mentioned as a way to get better odds. Is there some particular criterion, like being so much lower odds that no one is going to knock them off the spot, or do they tend to even out in the long run.

  5. nice blog Kieran. Just got on board and looking forward to some good results and some good banter here on the blog… hoping as we all are that this foul weather eases a bit so we can get into some racing.

  6. Hi Kieran, Yes I’m abit puzzled about what Roger said.
    The all weather favs. Do early prices count or do you have to see the live market.

  7. Hi everybody and thanks very much for all your comments.

    To address some of the questions that have been raised:

    Steve – You are absolutely right about the colours of the sight – several other people have emailed as well expressing their dislike. I’m hoping to get it changed this weekend so many thanks for that!

    Roger and Mike – The favourites I refer to in the AW Faves system are SP favourites rather than forecast favourites. My apologies for not being clearer on that. I think the confusion has arisen because I mention taking an early price when feasible. This would require a degree of interpretation and would only be possible when the qualifier was favourite by a wide margin – for example even money with the 2nd favourite being priced at 7/1. it would be safe to back the qualifier early under those kind of circumstances – the chance of it not going off favourite would be less than 1% – so small as to have little or no effect on overall profitability.
    I hope that the last paragraph makes sense!

    Dave – I will have a look at the ebook you mention – it sounds very interesting. I will also get back to you asap about the questions you sent me by email.

    Thanks again everybody for all your comments. They are much appreciated!

  8. Hi Kieran, just to say Ito have just recently joined AW system and so far great!! looking forward to jump jockeys also just puchased, bring it on!!!

  9. I am totally confused are we talking I.T. or serious horses? AW and Jump Jockey’s is a subject which I am thinking over but as for your ‘site’ who cares just the information is required in black and white.

    when a horse wins every one is happy who has money on it and if the information came from you well you will be number one.

  10. Hi Kieran
    Looking forward to following jumpjockey profits. In the past I have been wary of using jockey/trainer profiles as they are constantly changing due to injuries or relationship changes.So I am wondering if you plan to continue to monitor and update the database to take account of this and also look out for new talent coming through?
    Cheers Ross

  11. Hi again everybody

    Just noticed your question Ross. You make a very good point. I will be updating the profiles on a regular basis and bringing in new jockeys as they appear, removing ones that have gone off the boil.
    It is very true that Jockey performance is dependent on a number of variables outside their control but what I have tried to do with the manual is select a good mix of angles. Some that have returned profits every year for the last 3 years so that there is a degree of stability and some that are very fresh in the hope we can hang on to the tails of a real rising talent before the bookies catch on to it.

    To address your point Liam, I would need to understand what it is and I am finding that impossible. I certainly hope to point you towards some profits on this blog.

    All the best

  12. Hi Kieran,
    What afantastic start, easy winner. You should be congratulated by everyone.
    I for one have never been given a winner with the 1st advice. Keep it up.

  13. Hi Kieran
    Just joined jumpjockeys, my first horse racing sytem brilliant first race winner congrats.I am also interested in a/w sytem can you advise .

  14. Hi Kieran
    Congrats on a great start and thanks for your reply to my query. I’m now wondering if its possible to assign a percentage strike rate to each of the star ratings? This would give an idea of the longest losing run scenario in each group and be helpful when deciding on a staking plan.
    Cheers Ross

  15. Keiran’s comment to Steve –” You are absolutely right about the colours of the ‘sight'” –
    nitpickin really, but sight should be spelt “site” as in, building site.
    Otherwise am quite enjoying reading all the input.

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