Football Bets is, as the name suggests, a football tipping service that has been running with a good deal of success for a couple of years now.  The service was born out of a tipping competition to discover the most profitable football tipsters who were members of their site.

Three of the tipsters who entered the competition (known by their comp nicknames 99red, Tammboy and Bettinglaying club) were streets ahead of the competition and were invited to form a tipster service which has become

 The three tipsters are: 

Tammboy- used to work as an odds compiler for IG Index and Centrebet. 

99Reds – an ex player and manager. 

Bettinglayingclub (Phil) – ex bookmaker who turned down a number of odds compiler positions to concentrate on his own betting. 

All their previous results are available for perusal on the website with breakdowns for each one of the three tipsters. These results have been proofed to the Secret betting Club since inception and thus are guaranteed to be accurate. 

What I find most encouraging is that the service made 115 points profit during last season – one of the most impressive pieces of football tipping I have come across. 

We will be testing the service for 3 months with regular updates on ongoing profit/loss. 


Make Your Betting Pay Bonus


Mick, the head man at Football-Bets, has very kindly agreed to give MYBP readers free access to a couple of really good football betting tools. The first is a PDF explaining a simple but effective method for creating your own odds line for football matches along with .This is available for download below. It’s completely free and no registration is required.


Free Odds Compiling Tool


In addition to that Mick has also agreed to give MYBP readers a two week membership for the grand total of £1. No catches at all. Sign up for two weeks for £1. For those of you who do sign up for the two weeks, Mick is throwing in a spreadsheet that automates the odds compiling process described in the pdf.


£1 membership deal



I think it’s astonishing value for a service that produced 115 profit in one season and demonstrates the confidence they have in their product. If you want to take advantage of the offer or even if you just want to download the freebies, head over there now. 

Shaun, our tester for this, will be monitoring performance closely and keeping us in touch with how things are progressing in the coming months. Thank you very much Shaun!


Football Bets


  1. I followed these guys last season till i got shipped away with work but soon worked out one was not up to scratch but the other two where doing rather well, that was then though and ive not checked in a while what’s happened since, I look forward to your review as I’m back in the uk soon and able to start betting again

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