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In an industry full of fly by nights, Betting School has been a constant source of decent information and detailed betting know-how for nearly 6 years. I personally have been a member there for several years and it has become one of my favourite online (and offline) betting resources.

Over those years I have got to know Darren Power (head honcho and founder) and have always found him to be helpful, friendly, approachable – and best of all – exceptionally shrewd and knowledgeable.

It’s one of the most respected betting services out there and the members area is full of enough systems, tips, analysis and reviews to keep the average horse racing enthusiast absorbed for weeks on end. Members are sent a monthly Insiders News Report chock full of betting product reviews and articles written by some of the most respected names in the industry. Top Contributors include:

Steve Carter – Full time Professional Gambler

Mark Jenkins – Full Time Arbitrage Trader

Ben Aitken – Dosage Index Expert and author of Narrowing the Field

Michael Wilding – Database Handicapper

Mark Foley – Trends Expert

Marc Chawner – Betting automation expert

As a member you can gain access to a number of automated betting tools including several clever spreadsheets that work in conjunction with the Gruss betting bot to automate aspects of your betting where speed and decisiveness are key. In addition they provide a library of videos showing how the tools can be used and taking you, step by step, through a variety of betting techniques.

Betting School

They are currently featuring a betting challenge to turn a small betting bank into more than £905,000 in the next 10 years

If you are serious about putting your betting on a professional footing and learning the strategies and methods of the winning few then you should be a member over there. Even if it’s not for you, register for the newsletter because they send out a lot of free content and information.

Another big thumbs up from me! A service that I use myself that is always useful,  informative and great value for money!

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