Assured Soccer Profits

Assured Soccer Profits

Assured Soccer Profits is the brainchild of John Duncan, the originator of the famous Football Cash Generator system from a few years ago.

It’s a well thought out, logical trading system designed to siphon regular, consistent profits from a particular football betting market on Betfair. I can’t go in to too much detail without giving away the basics of the system. Suffice to say, the basic principles are ingenious, easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to put into practice.

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I got my hands on the system about a month ago and have been using it to trade football matches all over the world on a regular basis ever since.

It’s super quick and easy to get started – I was trading my first match within half an hour of downloading the quick start guide.

In the month I’ve had it I’ve managed to trade 50 matches, winning in 44 of them and making a small loss in the other 6. My overall profit from all matches has been £170 – an average profit of £3.40 a match.

Now, that may not sound like much until you realise that I have been using a trading bank of just £200 and I’ve been trading each match with tiny stakes. It has nearly doubled my intial bank in one month. Best of all, I could easily have doubled the number of matches I traded during the period.

The trading method is amazing but the real value is in all the extras John has provided.

Once you sign up, you gain access to a comprehensive members area on the site that contains:

-A wealth of videos that John has created showing how to operate the system  and covering every possible thing that could happen during a match you are trading.

– Calculators for working out optimum exit strategies

-A blog in which Geoff, one of the originators of the system, talks you thorough a variety of scenarios that come up in his daily use of the system.

– Access to John via email. During my month using the system, I have found     John’s customer service to be second to none. He’s really approachable and quick to respond.

The profits made since the system was  developed have been astounding. They have averaged just over £4 profit per match since early 2010 and given overall profits of very nearly £14,000 up to the end of November 2011.

Highly recommended

When you think that these profits have been produced using a very low risk strategy and a tiny trading bank, they are jaw-droppingly impressive.

Another big plus for me is that there is no need to sit hunched over your pc during the matches. You set up your trades at the start of the match and John shows you a great resource that alerts you when anything of significance happens. This frees you up to do other things while you are trading, only dipping in and out when something important happens.

The method works on football from anywhere in the world. You need to know nothing about the teams playing nor need to have an opinion on the result. This means there is no off-season for the method – you can operate it every day, all year round

I love this system and I think you will love it too

If you are looking for a method, that provides, consistent, very low risk profits (and one that nearly doubled my trading bank in 1 month), this one has my absolute highest recommendation



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