Monday 26th october

Another 1.7 points profit added yesterday. Profit stands at 63.75pts since I started posting all my selections on 8th october.

Very nice but we need to be prepared for things to not always as good as this.

I know from previous years that I make somewhere between 300 and 500 points profit every year. That equates to somewhere between 6 and 10 points profit a week. Obviously, it does not work out like that! Some weeks we will make 100 points, other weeks we will lose 80 points.

I personally bet all my selections to win only because I know that long term it is more profitable to do so. However, as you can imagine, it makes for even more of a rollercoaster ride than backing each way.

I guess what I am trying to say is – you have to manage both your expectations and your emotions to be succesful at this. Just because I have had a good couple of weeks, I am not automatically better at the game than I was. No more would I be suddenly poor at the game after a couple of bad weeks. Managing your emotions around this is crucial for success. Learning to treat winning and losing without too much emotion either way is a vital tool for success.

Selections will be appearing shortly.

Good luck everyone!

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