An Up and Down Week

Welcome back!

Apologies for not posting sooner. Been very busy this week researching a couple of new betting techniques that I think might have some potential. Will keep you informed if anything comes of them.

Been an interesting week on the betting front. Quite up and down. Not a huge number of winners but those I had have been at good prices. Priest Field at Worcester on Wednesday evening was a nice one landing the spoils at an early 40/1. (I promise I will be more diligent in future and start posting up some of these big value horses I mentioned in the previous post.) That managed to turn around what had been quite a difficult day until that point. I am currently sitting in 8th position in the easyodds Top Tipster table with a profit for July of £831 to £10 stakes.

I have been pretty slack in posting up my selections but from tomorrow I will post up some lay selections when I find them – hopefully we can make some easy extra profit with those. My selection system for lays has a good track record and should make a steady profit every month.

If there is anybody out there reading this, I hope you are enjoying it and keep coming back from tomorrow as I intend to really ramp things up over the next few days and there should be some really good stuff going up.

I have nearly finished the free betting course I was talking about and it will be available sometime in the next few days.

Hope you all like the new look of the site – at least it now looks like a horse racing site rather than that strange generic thing I was using before.

Must kick on now so good luck with your betting and keep checking back


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